Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Gifts For Men: A DOC Guide

I now interrupt Mr. Dudesday's regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a little bit of girl wisdom for holiday gifts for the guy in your life. Whether he be your boyfriend, husband, father of your children or simply a cutie you have a crush on there are some general rules to follow. Trust me, I've learned throughout the years the do's and don'ts of holiday gifting.

First of all under no circumstances do you gift the man in your life clothes. The only exception is if he is truly into that kind of thing, the fly guy that had his eye on something he'd never actually buy for himself. Let me clarify, it's fine to buy him a nice leather jacket or a pair of sneakers he's lusting after but only if those are things he would like. If he's more into video games than basketball or only wears sweatshirts instead of a coat you're going to fail if you even bother with the above acceptable gifts. Under no circumstances can you buy socks, undershirts or underwear for your man. Not as a gift. If he needs new ones pop them in his stocking but don't wrap them up, that's a huge let down. It's like if he bought you dishwashing gloves or a dirt devil.

Next, know your audience. If he likes being athletic buying him a Playstation doesn't really seem like the right idea and same goes for the reverse. Guys do not want to be changed so don't buy them a present you think they should like if you know they won't like it.

Guys may not admit it but they like gifts from the heart. If he mentioned months ago that he wanted to see Alice in Chains (the new band, of course) in concert then surprise him with tickets on a weekend you know he's free or could be free. Don't expect him to cancel his Superbowl weekend because you bought tickets to the ballet or opera.

You can always go for a sweet gesture if neither of you can really afford to do anything special. Clean his place better than he could ever clean it himself keeping in mind that he might actually want the roll of toilet paper beside the bed and keeping his remote control next to his favorite chair. And do not dispose of anything that you want to unless you have his express written permission. PS- Guys always love homemade goodies so cook your live in man a nice dinner wearing just an apron or your undies.

It all comes down to how well you know each other. If it's relatively new then you owe it to yourself and him to keep things low-key. Buy him a 6 pack of his favorite beer and a new video game that you know he was dying to splurge on. If you've been together for 10 years and you know he secretly wants a dirt devil then by all means buy it for him like I did Mr. Dudesday last year. It was meant to be funny because we've talked about it many times and it was actually a big hit. You can buy him something that reminds you of an inside joke or something for his house or car that he liked when in your house or car. You don't have to blow big money on something that you don't know he'll enjoy and you wouldn't want him to do the same. Sometimes the easiest thing is to make a list and ask him to do the same, it might not be romantic but at least you'll both get what you wanted. Okay I'm off to start my Amazon Christmas List. See you soon!

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