Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CKOne Shock

It's no secret by now how much I adore CK One. I seriously remember the first time I smelled it. One of the girls in my class (and there were only 6 girls out of my class of 15 in our small town) got a bottle of it and brought it with her everywhere. I liked it a lot but at the time I didn't wear it. Skip to the part where the glass bottle broke in the girl's locker room and the tragic ending for that bottle of CKOne.

Now there's a new version to get excited about CKOne Shock. I sniffed a magazine sample and loved the fruity notes in the for her version. It adds just a little something extra to the whole thing without taking it in a totally different direction. I like that a lot or why would you bother calling it CKOne anything? I detect watermelon and maybe a smidge of another kind of fruit that I can't put my finger on. It sounds like a weird edition to CKOne but trust me it's not, I fell in love. Calvin Klein describes it as a "juicy, flavorful floriental that warms into a sexy skin musk." Sounds like it hits just about every category out there so it's sure to be a pretty big pleaser for those of you looking for holiday gifts.

Mr. Dudesday and I also sniff tested CKOne Shock for him and were less impressed. It reminded me of a more expensive version of Old Spice, which I happen to detest. The added spice is honestly nothing short of stomach churning. Calvin Klein calls this one "a sparkling, energetic oriental with smooth spice and masculine tobacco musk." All sounds well and good except that spice which was seriously stomach churning. I love tobacco notes for men and orientals are definitely my favorite category for both the ladies and the gents but I was overwhelmed with the spice both on the test strip and on Mr. Dudesday's wrist. I had the magazine strip on my coffee table and when the for him flap accidentally got popped open I could tell immediately. This one is not for me and I think Mr. Dudesday would rather stick with the Original CKOne or Givenchy Play for him. You can also visit my post about CKOne right here.

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