Friday, March 18, 2011

CK One: Fragrance, Jeans and Underwear

I'm all about CKOne and I have been since it came out 17 years ago. I was in grade school but I remember smelling it on everyone and their mother. Funny story, one of my classmates dropped her bottle in the locker room before a basketball game and we literally smelled it for the rest of the year. Fast forward to 2011 and I'm rocking the scent with my man. Who doesn't love to share a bottle with the one you love? It smells great on both of us and the unisex fragrance is just so comforting and fresh, just spicier than shower fresh.

If you've never tried out the scent the best way to check it out is with the Calvin Klein Fragrance Collection from Sephora available around the holidays. I picked up the men's version for my baby last year and I've loved smelling this scent, you know, when he actually remembers to wear it. It just screams sex appeal to me. I love it so much I picked up the body spray version for him this Christmas and it sits on the bathroom sink for both of us to use whenever the mood strikes.

For a limited time you can pick up CKOne Summer, a fruitier incarnation in a fun, bright bottle. I can't think of anything better than CK One in the summer, add in some fruitier notes and you can't go wrong.

In some interesting news out of Calvin Klein, the CKOne brand has been expanded to include jeans and underwear. This new line promises to be both comfortable and sexy. Can't go wrong there. Even if you can't afford Calvin Klein runway styles you can wear the skivvies. Who doesn't love when a man sheds his clothes and you're left staring at his Calvin's? Mmmmm.

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