Monday, March 14, 2011

Wow Talk About a Giveaway

I'm a huge giveaway girl, I actually have pretty good luck. I've won $500 from Pepsi, a book and skincare from two separate blogs and a Transformers/Pepsi Optimus Prime from Pepsi. Okay, so maybe I only have good luck with Pepsi and blog giveaways but that's okay. I just found the best giveaway in all of the blogosphere- The Makeup Divas MAC Wonder Woman Giveaway. Who doesn't love MAC and Wonder Woman?

If you don't already you should really add the Makeup Divas to your daily reading. Not only is the site incredibly cute but I've definitely come across a few of my favorites via the site. Hurry, the contest ends March 23rd. There are many ways to enter and you can never have too much beauty news on your facebook or twitter account.

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