Sunday, March 20, 2011

L'Oreal Spring 2011

You may have been noticing, like I certainly have, an upcropping of tons of new L'Oreal ads this spring, new spokesmodels, new products, new everything. I, for one, am excited about it. L'Oreal's an affordable line with their hands on the pulse.

I cannot get over how gorgeous Jennifer Lopez looks in the EverSleek ads. Wow. Her hair is something to covet anyway but these gorgeous caramel highlights take it to a new level. Then there's haircolor ads with Gwen Stefani and her gorgeous platinum locks and Evangeline Lilly and her pretty coffee colored coif. You couldn't get much more different than both of these ladies but they both represent the L'Oreal brand perfectly and have the amazing hair to pull of the ads. I'd kill for a mane like that.

There's no doubt that L'Oreal makes some killer haircare products but you may not know that their makeup line is just as impressive. If you haven't given it a fair shot because it's at the drugstore you might just want to rethink that. The Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez lipstick ads have me wanting to run out and buy all the red lipstick I can find even though I swear I'll never wear it out of the house. You can't get better marketing than that. And even though I've heard less than stellar reviews of it I really want to try The One Sweep Eyeshadow because of the gorgeous ad with Freida Pinto that I can't seem to find online to show you anywhere! I hope you've seen it because it's gorgeous. This shadow is revolutionary because it contains three shades and a sweeper brush that picks up all the colors in the proper order to give you an amazing smokey eye.

I hope to continue to see some great new ads and, in turn, great new products from L'Oreal.

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