Saturday, March 19, 2011

Melie Bianco Ariana Bag

I don't normally talk about fashion on the blog but I'm a huge believer that the right bag or shoe can really elevate an outfit. You can never be too fat for a shoe or a bag. Jewelry's never been my thing, I have tons but I never ever wear it without a huge reminder. I'm never without a great bag and a nice shoe. Whether it's the perfect pair of purple snakeskin peetoes or the tan Nine West bag I relived my best friend of seasons ago, I always wear the right thing for my mood.

I can't stop thinking about the Melie Bianco Ariana Bag in turquoise, I can't get my mind to stop going there. It's so beautiful and I can see wearing it all the time, the color works for all seasons and you know how I feel about turquoise. I even have the perfect pair of peeptoes in my closet to match if I'm in a matching mood and plenty of neutral shoes for when I'm all about the contrast.

What do you think? What accessories would you pair with this gorgeous bag? More importantly tell me about your spring fashion lemmings.


  1. i totally just won this bag!!!!!

  2. It's too gorgeous for word. I'd love to have this one in my collection too.