Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lancome Color Design Eye Brightening Palettes

Remember back in the day when the Charlotte Hornets were THE thing? My guess, everyone just wanted to rock the gorgeous greens and purples of their jerseys. Now that they don't exist anymore how can we get away with it? Lancome's come to the rescue, at least mine, with their Color Design Palettes in gorgeous shades of green and purple.

I definitely haven't had enough experience with Lancome products but I've heard great things. Just looking at these palettes though and I know I love them. I'm all about the greens and purples on my eyes (they are my favorite colors). Both look amazing on my cool skintone but the right shades can work on anyone. Who doesn't look good in plum shadow?

That said, if green and purple aren't your shades check out one of ten palettes, I'm sure you'll find the right five shadow/one liner palette to add to your collection.


  1. Nice colour choice given here. i like both of them. Nice article to read.