Thursday, March 31, 2011

Schick Intuition

Shaving's not a glamorous thing, we all know that, but it is a necessary evil. Come spring the first thing you start worrying about when spring weather hits is if you remembered to shave your legs. In the winter, under sweats and jeans you can let it slide a bit but come summer and capri weather, not so much. There's only one thing I know of to make it more bearable... my Schick Intuition razor and pomegranate refills.

If you've never ventured into Schick territory, and I know a lot of ladies are loyal to their Venus razors, you have to give it a try. First of all you can't beat the convenience of built in shaving lube. Last year my roommate passed down a box of nice brand men's razors to me and I being the cheapskate I am, I promptly bought a can of shaving cream and prepared to slum it for a while. Summer was fine, no problems, in fact my legs were super smooth. But winter... that's a different story. My legs tend to get dry, super dry and no matter what I did I could not get a close shave with these razors, exfoliating first, using more shave cream, nothing worked. I quit when I came out of the shower and it looked like I'd taken a razor blade to my legs. I'd nicked myself at least 10 times and you know how those sting like a mother.

So, not able to completely give up I picked up a box of refills for my Intuition. It's never failed me before but with the price of the refills I thought I'd be cheap and use any razor I could. I should have known better, I've never had much luck with sub-par razors, even the Venus leaves me with razor burn if I'm not super careful. Some things you just can't scrimp on. Instead of picking up my trusty sensitive skin refills I was enticed by the scent of the pomegranate ones, I could smell the scent through the box. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed when I pulled it out in the shower. I want all my products to smell that good.

Moral of the story, never sacrifice your skin to be cheap. I don't honestly know what I could have done differently to make those razors work but I passed them on to someone who could get more use out of them. Also, as an added bonus, I find the Intuition MUCH easier to use on underarms and bikini line, just make sure you clean that sucker out often or you risk clogging it and wasting your hard-earned moola.


  1. Venus actually has razors with built in shave gel - they're called Breeze and Spa Breeze. And I think it's actual shave gel whereas the Intuition is like a bar of soap. Also the Venus Breeze ones are much easier to use in the underarms and bikini because they're smaller and more flexible so they fit better.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I haven't tried Breeze or Spa Breeze but I definitely will. I've also seen new Sensitive ones with built in shave gel that I will have to check out. You never know when you're going to find a new favorite product!