Monday, March 21, 2011

Covergirl NatureLuxe Update

Remember when I told you about the NatureLuxe line from Cover Girl? Well now that I've had a chance to try out the foundation I just had to let you know how I liked it.

I ordered up a sample from (did you know they have samples? Neither did I until I found it in my frugal girl Facebook feed, if you don't already subscribe you simply must, just search frugal girl on Facebook)!

Of course, the sample came with two different shades, both of which were entirely too dark for my pale skin? What's a girl to do? I enlisted the help of my normally makeup-phobic friend when she wanted me to snap some new pics for her. Not only did she not complain about the way it felt (a common complaint for girls who don't wear foundation) once she saw the results I had to hand over the coupon that came with the sample so she could pick up a tube for herself.

Know why she loved it? While she doesn't get breakouts she definitely suffers from dark circles after spending entirely too much time gabbing and not enough time sleeping. Add that to a crazy work schedule and she's bound to be fighting off the blue undereye rings. This foundation covered it right up without sinking into lines or dry skin. It evened out her complexion and made her face silky smooth without causing breakouts. Can't get much better than that.

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