Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zoya Mod Mattes, Sunshine & Summertime

I'm the last person who should be giving advice on nailpolish. I'm going on two weeks with a manicure that was chipped the day after I painted it. Still, I'm a pretty avid nail polish collector, I'm just too lazy to keep up with my nails. Though, if I found a great base and/or topcoat I'd probably be much better off. Suggestions are definitely welcome, leave me a comment or send me an email, I'll try anything.

I don't know about you but I don't like to blend in with the crowd, at least when it comes to my nails. I've always liked to be different and that's probably why (so far!) I've bucked the greige nail trend. Granted, living in probably the least fashionable city in the world ladies barely bother with nail polish let alone know what the heck a greige nail is.

It's not just color that tickles me it's finish and patterns. For that reason I really want to get into Konading (check out the stamps on ebay and you'll understand what I mean)! No one could compete with me but, like I've alredy said, I'm far too lazy for that. Instead I play around with different finishes, frosty/metallic, high glos and matte. While I feel liek the matte polish thing was a flash in the pan and now it's gone, I can't help but get excited when I see the new Zoya Mod Mattes collection. These aren't Fall 2009 dark, moody mattes, these are bright Spring/Summer 2011 shades. Look at these babies. Go on, I'll give you a minute to sink in their awesomeness...

If those don't do it for you what about Zoya's Sunshine and Summertime collections. If you love nail polish there is sure to be a shade that catches your eye. I'm thinking about trading my lazy, devil may care attitude towards my nails in for a ride with Breezi. And of course, since you know me so well, Miri and Danni are tied for a close second. What do you think?

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