Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
1. You're easy as hell to use. 2. Being my stingy self I can scrape two manicures out of your box of 16 nails and still have a few randoms left over for mismatched manis (and you thought you'd trick me with only 16 strips in a box, I'm too cheap for that). 3. No chip wear for days and days, not like polish, even my beloved Sally Hansen brand that chips on me by the next day. How could I not love thee?

I tried the nail strips in Booty Camp, a pink camo I found the day I found out my baby brother was on his way to Afghanistan for 8 months. Wanting to show my pride, and be reminded of him in a positive light, I picked my selection without hesitation. Had it not been for my state of mind I would no doubt have had problems picking from one of 23 awesome shades. Next up, glitters. I'm really hoping they figure out how to do a metallic minx style manicure. I'm all for that.

These, in my opinion, could easily replace traditional nail polish in my word if I weren't such a junkie. Besides, what self respecting beauty girl can work with only 23 styles? When the range is expanded I'm all over that. They are a cinch to apply and even though they take longer to apply than regular nail polish there is no drying time so you're out the door quicker with no chance of smudges. Just fit them to your nail, stretch and file off excess. If you're good, don't have particularly long or wide nails, there is no reason you can't use ease pre-sized strip for two nails. Press down firmly until the sticker adheres and you're good to go.

The good news, I didn't have chips for 7! whole days. This coming from the girl who chips after five minutes, impossible you say? It's not. Even then it was mostly tip wear and growth at the bottom of the nail, hardly noticeable.

The bad? These are a little tricky to remove, much more labor intensive than wiping off your light pink creme shade but no more difficult than removing a stubborn glitter. I suggest acetone nail plolish remover and a good TV show to keep you entertained for the 15 or so minutes you'll need. No problem with that. It's a trade off and I'll take harder removal for days of perfect wear. What about you?

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