Friday, December 3, 2010

Alessandra Ambrosio

Wow, it's hard to narrow down the Victoria's Secret girls into the four hottest, it really is. I mean, there's Lily Aldridge who is so cute with her gap teeth. Izabel Goulart who is a knockout Spanish beauty. Adrianna Lima with her beautiful, crazy eyes. Rosie Huntington with her sexy pout. Emanuela de Paula with her gorgeous skin and eyes. The list goes on and on. Who's your fave?

I had to be diplomatic here and I went with my man's favorite: Alessandra Ambrosio. As far back as I've known him he's been into Alessandra, though now it's more liking her because he used to, I can't actually say which celeb he has a crush on, I have no clue. He can tell you mine though *ahem* Jensen Ackles.

It's hard to tell in this pic but Alessandra's rocking a cat's eye which is so huge right now. First of all, it does take practice and I still have yet to master it. The easiest way (and the closest I've come to a perfect look) is to use pencil liner first and then retrace it with liquid liner. But that comes later.

First, you know the drill. Foundation, this time any of your preference. Then, a little matte bronzer on the backs of the cheekbones avoiding the apple for this particular look. Personally, I've never tried that but I imagine it would be great for making your cheekbones stand out.

For lips, I'd go with a brownish nude and I particularly love a satin finish to not compete with the eyes. You want something that feels soft and slippery, not dry. I love the Victoria's Secret lipsticks (seriously, I have one that is not really my color but I wear it around the house anyway because it's so moisturizing and smooth).

Go ahead, I know you're dying to, get to work on the eyeliner. If you're really daring (which I so am) you could go for a colored liner, I recommend green, blue or purple for cool skin tones (the veins on your inner arm appear blue instead of the greenish of warm skintones, or so I'm told) and copper, gold or brown for warmer skin. Then, when you're done, add as much mascara as you can handle to fill it out. You can also dab highlighter or shimmery shadow in the inner corners to make you look more awake and alive. Dab a little on your cupid's bow and lower lip while you're at it.

Who is your favorite Angel? Did I profile her? Is there a look (Victoria's Secret or not) that you'd like to know how to do? I'll do my best for you.

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