Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Miranda Kerr

Surely, if you're a huge Vickie's Secret fan like I am, you caught the fashion show last night. How gorgeous did everyone look? One of my favorite Angels, Miranda Kerr, obviously didn't walk in the show this year due to the fact that she's having Orlando Bloom's baby in just a few weeks. Still, I thought she deserved a little recognition and, since she's one of the most gorgeous women in the world, I know you're just dying to look exactly like her. That's where I come in. I mean, I can't give you the cute cherubic face, not to mention the killer body, but I can help you to wear your makeup exactly like she does. Here goes...

For once, in this pic, Miranda has a completely matte face and I like the look on her. To get it for yourself you'll need a good matte foundation and setting powder in a matching or translucent shade. Since I'm not a huge matte foundation girl, I'd suggest using what you love if you already have a fave (and do share, please) or, you could use BareMinerals matte and skip a step. You'll want a pretty heavy coverage to cover any freckles (not that I normally condone that) and a matte bronzer under the cheekbones for contour. If you're using a separate powder I suggest applying it after the bronzer to mattify it even more, I love Koh Gen Do's Maifanishi Face Powder. And, go light on the bronzer unless you're white as a ghost like me, then you can use a little more.

For the lips I would use a light pink gloss and blot some of the shinyness away or you could use a more full coverage gloss such as Avon's Glaze Wear or Revlon's Mineral LipGlaze. The coverage is more opaque and less shimmery and works perfectly for the look Miranda's rocking. Then, dot a tiny bit of white or champagne shimmer on the center of the bottom lip for fullness and, if you don't have that, you can always use a dot of eyeshadow or even the white liner you'll need for your eyes.

My favorite part, as always, is the eyes. This is such a soft yet sophisticated look. Line inner eyes with white or fleshtone pencil (white is more noticeable while fleshtone is subtle). Then, trace around the lower lashline with taupe or gold pencil. Use a light gold or champagne shimmer (love the gold shade of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Eyeshadow) in the inner corner and a more matte version of the same color on the lids. Add a coat of lengthening mascara and comb those lashes to avoid clumps and imperfections. To top it off, define your brows with powder or pencil (my fave is by Rimmel and has a great brush attached to the cap for a natural look).

I just love this pic from, don't you? Miranda looks so gorgeous without trying too hard. Do you like this look? Did it work for you?

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