Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lip Fusion

I'll admit it, I wasn't blessed with plump juicy lips (not like my man who is definitely not lacking in that department) but I don't let that stop me from faking it. I've tried A LOT of lip plumpers and I wanted to pass on the results to help you make an informed decision when it comes time to pick one up for yourself. Here goes:

While I haven't tried the original Lip Fusion I did fall in love with Lip Infatuation when I visited it at Sephora but have yet to make any of them my own. These glosses are very pricey and I just can't justify spending that kind of cash on a lipgloss, you could buy a meal with this kind of cash.

Lip Fusion Color Shine gave my lips a slight, subtle plumping and leave a pretty color and shimmer (at least in Kiss, the apparently discontinued color I tried). There was no burning sensation to speak of. My lips felt fuller and thicker, almost as if they were plumped with collagen and a very slight tingle that was not irritating at all compared to Lip Venom or Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker. Weirdly, my lips felt numb on the surface and much more sensitive at skin level, not unpleasant just different. Also, I didn't find these sticky and they're definitely less tacky than MAC lipglasses, for example.

Worst part about these was the smell. For some reason they have a very Earthy smell when first applied, almost like a cross between dirt and grass. The scent fades fairly quickly but it's almost gag-inducing at first. Sorry, it's true. They didn't wear for a particularly long time but the color lingers around a bit, nothing remarkable.

I got mine through a MakeupAlley User who'd purchased at TJ Maxx. I haven't seen them at my TJ Maxx but I've been keeping my eyes peeled since I heard that. They're also available at Sephora and many online retailers.

Overall, I wouldn't say these are a must have and unless you find a color you can't duplicate elsewhere then I'd pass. They cost too much to justify spending on something that doesn't do what it's claiming to do. There are many, many, many less expensive products out there that can give you better results for less money. Take my word for it. For $38 you could buy at least two of your favorite regular glosses and not worry about plump lips or scaring your man away from kissing you with the tingling/plumping sensation going on.

Do you have these glosses? I'd love to hear your experience.

Disclaimer: When looking up reviews for this item I found VERY conflicting information from reviewers. Some said it was sticky, others said no, some said it tingled, others said it didn't, however, most importantly, most people did say there was very little plumping going on and few were happy with the price.

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  1. I agree, they don't plump up the lips enough to be worth the money or the tingling sensation it gives men when kissing those not-plumped lips so I'm sure it tingles even more on you. $38 is crazy for a lip gloss!