Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Too Beautiful to Act?

Oh come on! I've heard it all. First, Michelle Pfeiffer said that it was so hard to be beautiful in Hollywood, that there weren't roles for beautiful woman, some shit like that. Bull! I find it hard to name a woman in Hollywood that isn't considered beautiful and is getting roles. Beautiful women even play the ugly woman in movies and they win Oscars for it (Halle Berry and Charlize Theron). Seriously? Then, we have Jessica Alba, who I only find attractive sometimes, claiming the same thing. Okay, so two seriously idiotic, shallow, stuck on themselves women. I can understand why they would think that. But now, I hear Natalie Portman is saying the same thing? Natalie's not classically beautiful, not in LA standards anyway, and she's claiming it's hard to find roles because she's so beautiful. Granted, I know these quotes were probably taken out of context but what do you even say to that? The best actresses in the world aren't getting work because they don't have the look, I'm sure of it, I'd put money on it.

I want to know what everyone thinks on this topic. What do you think of Michelle, Jessica and Natalie in the first place? Do you think they are too beautiful and that their looks are holding them back in H-wood? It sickens me to think that they think being beautiful is a burden.

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  1. I agree 100 percent. Even pretty girls play the ugly girls in Hollywood. Michelle Pfeiefer is a good actress, Jessica Alba, not so much, and way too conceited. I know Natalie Portman is supposed to be good but she seems kind of Keaneu Reeves to me, everything's so one dimensional about her, i don't know, maybe its the roles she plays. Either way, you're right, I bet the best actresses in the world are pissed off right about now because they're not pretty enough to get roles and these girls are complaining about being too pretty. If they stepped their acting game up, they'd be in luck.