Thursday, December 2, 2010

Erin Heatherton

See the theme of the week? I can't help it. These girls are just so gorgeous. While my man happens to disagree with me, I think Erin Heatherton is just adorable. I mean, the freckles, the smile, what's not to love? I thought I'd go for something completely different for her makeup look, for all you retro-red lovers. See how you can work this sexy look.

Again, for this look I'd go with a cream foundation and I forgot to mention one of my favorites, CoverGirl's Simply Ageless with Olay Serum. Just an FYI: The colors in this line run really light because of the serum so pick one shade darker than you would normally wear or be prepared to darken with bronzer. I like to use my slightly too light shade around the jaw and hairlines to blend in a slightly too dark foundation.

Choose a matte peach blush and apply only on the backs of cheekbones, avoiding the apple area. It adds a slight contrast to the face but should be subtle because the lips are so bold and the eyes are strong as well. I don't have a favorite matte blush but I'd love to hear your favorites.

Next, line the outer half of the lower lid and entire upper lid with dark brown or black liner. If you want a shimmery look I love Urban Decay's Oilslick 24/7 liner with small silver glitter or, if you're lucky enough to have it, Bare Escentuals Buxom liner in black. Use a white pencil or shadow on the inner half of the bottom lid and in the inner corner for contrast and to liven up the eyes. Coat lashes with curling mascara and curl those puppies, it's imperative to this look.

The lips are the star of this look, a look I could never in a million years pull off because A)I'm so fair, I'd be washed out and B)my skin is red/ruddy so red never looks good on me, but I'm still working on being brave enough to just go for it. If you're super brave pull out NARS lipgloss in Bloodwork and go to town. First, I would line the lips with either a red, clear, or exactly your lipcolor lip pencil. This will hold the color inside the lines. Aapply the gloss and add a coat of clear gloss (if you want a vinyl look) or blot (if you want something a little more matte). Then, take face powder and make a ring around your mouth to keep the color from bleeding. Make sure to blend but not to get any on your lips themselves.

Tell me, can you convince yourself to go this bold? Can you go out of the house with sexy red lips? Or are you chickenshit like me? And, what red lipstick do you wear? Inquiring minds want to know. I'm thinking about picking up Maybelline's Red Revival, supposedly the best selling drugstore red.

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