Saturday, December 11, 2010

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse

You've probably heard it over and over again, splurge on your foundation and save elsewhere. I've never been one to do that. The way I see it is if I have crap skin, nothing is going to make it look better, I'd rather do my best to make it look good and then distract you with a colorful eye, fun lip or even a sparkly cheek. That is why I pretty much always finish off my look with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, the shimmer really blurs my flaws to help me look more perfect and airbrushed, or as close as my skin is ever going to get.

I know, for a fact, from personal experience, that there are great foundations at the drugstore. It's all I use and I can't get over how much I like some of them. The only bummer is you can't try them before you buy them like you can at Sephora but the good news is you can bring makeup back at a lot of places. I mostly by my "drugstore" items from Wal-Mart specifically for that reason. I know other drugstores have return policies but I find that the prices are cheaper at Wal-Mart anyway.

The color thing is what keeps me from personally LOVING Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse. I tried the lightest shade and it's too orange and warm toned for my skin. I've found that with a lot of Maybelline's foundations, concealers and powders. But, fear not, if you aren't as pale and cool as me you should have no trouble finding the right color in this line.

Overall, I really liked this foundation. It's a cream formula and comes in a compact which is by far my favorite type of foundation in the winter months, my skin needs all the hydration it can get. My only gripe is that the compact doesn't have a mirror when it could easily house one in the upper compartment where the sponge is stored, even a smudged mirror is better than none at all. Also, I highly recommend buying a package of sponges and changing them out every few days. You'll notice that you end up picking up too much product on a dirty sponge and who wants to think about the bacteria lingering on that little thing. And, please, please, please make sure you keep the sponge in the separate space. I made the mistake of leaving it in with foundation and soaked up a ton of product which left me streaky and dark the next time I used it. Not a good look.

The ads claim that this product will leave you baby smooth and maybe it will for you but for me it didn't, which is totally fine with me. It definitely hydrates and is great for my super-dry skin but I didn't feel any smoother after using this product than I do other cream foundations. The mousse-y cream did glide over pores and imperfections and leave my face much smoother looking but I don't think that is what they were going for.

I probably wouldn't buy this again just because of the color though it might work on my summer skin. Even though I don't tan my skin always ends up darker in the summer anyway.

Tell me what you think. Do you buy your foundation at the drugstore or do you shell out for department store goodies?

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