Sunday, November 28, 2010

American Music Awards: The Bad

Julianne Hough- There is no denying that Julianne is a gorgeous girl and I love her big blue eyes her blonde hair. WTF happened to the pretty blonde? This is, with my little beauty school background, atrocious. It looks like she went too dark, too soon, without adding a filler shade between dye jobs. I think she'd look good with chestnut hair, not this in between, greenish/grayish tinged brown. Julianne barely escaped my ugly list. If I'd never seen her previous blonde hair I probably wouldn't see anything wrong with her current hair color. Plus, the makeup is really classy albeit not exactly age appropriate.

Rihanna- Has anyone gotten used to this red shade on her? I think it would be very pretty if it were a little more subtle. Either way, I think it's safe to say the curls just don't work. They're not tight enough to give her a 'fro and they're not loose or controlled enough to be pretty. Her lips and cheeks are so-so but I really like the smoky shadow, especially the green color. It's a subtle look, as to not compete with the hair, but I feel like she missed her mark.

Mandy Moore and Sheryl Crow- I'm huge fans of both of these ladies and, although I don't listen to their music anymore, I respect them hugely as performers and as women and I love Mandy as an actress. However, I'm not digging the dark, warm shades on her. She's such a gorgeous girl, easily pulls off all hair colors and looks phenomenal most of the time, but this makeup just didn't flatter her skintone and hair color, someone missed the mark.
I love the shimmery cheeks and the eyes on Sheryl but her hair, paired with the lips, buts her on my Bad List. I'd love to see her with her hair up or just styled differently for once. I feel like it's been like this since layers came into style in the late 90s. And Sheryl needs to lose the visible lip liner stat, especially in brown shades, it looks like a throwback to 1994.

Speaking of visible lip liner, it seems to be a trend. Check it out on Natasha Bedingfield and Keri Hilson. I don't mind it as much on a glossy lip like Keri's (or with darker skin like hers) but I can't get down with it with matte lipstick, especially not when you have a mouth and teeth as prominent as Natasha.

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