Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Choices, Choices, Choices

I love choices, more than anything I like a good choice. I like to choose my side dishes, my shampoo each shower and what show or movie to watch at any given time. That's why I love perfume samples. I have a Bloomingdale's Little Brown Bag 1/4 full of fragrance samples (with very little repeats) that I am slowly going through. Any given day I have at least 100 choices for fragrances, what could be better?

What's a few more? My favorite store, Sephora (of course) sells Fragrance Samplers each Holiday season that come with a gift certificate to purchase a full size bottle of the fragrance you like best in the set. This year there are two each for men and women, deluxe and collector's edition. Each set comes with scent samples, try each one and choose your favorite. Every sample contains at least five days of wear giving you a chance to really live with the scent before you make a decision. Then, redeem the gift certificate at a Sephora store for a full size bottle of the scent you like best. It's that easy. These make a great gift for your girlfriend or wife, your mother or daughter, anyone you don't exactly what to buy for the Holidays. Since fragrance is such a personal choice this is the way to go if you're not sure exactly which scent a person wants.

Just a note: You can only redeem at Sephora stores. Gift certificates cannot be used online or at Sephora in JcPenney Stores.

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