Friday, November 19, 2010

Face-off Friday Christina Hendricks

Every Friday Drug of Choice brings to you Face-off Fridays. And not the John Travolta/Nicholas Cage movie!!! Each week I'm pinning a celebrity beauty against (for the most part) HERSELF! Vote for your favorite look for the starlet. Occasionally, just to mix things up on you, I'll show you two pictures of girls wearing similar (or not so similar depending on my mood) makeup and you tell me which LOOK you prefer. Now, I know, it's hard not to vote for your favorite celeb in that situation but it's all about the look. TGIF, indeed!

Confession! I have never seen an episode of Mad Men. It's not really my thing. That being said, I have taken notice of a beautiful redhead named Christina Hendricks and really, how could you not?

The gorgeous, buxom ginger stands out from the crowd of rail thin blondes and her features make her more beautiful than 10 cookie-cutter starlets put together. Now, with such flaming red hair you'd think Christina would stick to a more neutral look, something tried and true that she could do with her eyes closed. Not so, my dears, not so. Christina always looks fabulous by taking risks and that's what I love about her. Now, I want your opinion on how you think she looks in each of these looks and which you'd pick for her if you had to choose.


Do you prefer Christina Hendricks with bold, berry lips and lightly lined eyes or a black cat's eye with neutral lips? Both are equally gorgeous but I really love the way the berry lips off-set her gorgeous pale skin. If I had skin like this, I'd never wear foundation, what about you?

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