Friday, November 19, 2010

Short Hair on Girls (a not-so expert opinion)

I'm no expert. I'm a beauty school dropout, I never learned how to cut short hair on ladies and having only my one (really bad) experience with short hair, I have to say I don't know my stuff, I only know my opinion. Please feel free to prove me wrong, I'd love to hear your feedback.

First of all, I have to say that I admire woman who have the balls to give short hair a go and, in the right hands, it can look very beautiful. But, in the wrong hands? Watch out. There's this beauty school phenomenon where every girl comes out with shorter and shorter hair each week she's there, until, there's no hair left. I've seen girls start out with nearly waist long hair and end up with a cute little pixie, a crime if you ask me. As a girl with LONG hair, we're talking mid back and, before I got it cut a month or so ago, the longest layer was to my butt, I love the way it looks on everyone as long as you take care of it (but that's another post entirely).

This whole topic was sparked by the Marie Claire that landed in my mailbox today and the lovely Emma Watson on the cover sporting what I can only assume is her little brother's haircut. I'm sure you've all see her with short hair but this was just shocking. One should not have to wear so much mascara to not look like a little boy. Check it out....

Now, I'm not saying that it's impossible to look good with short hair, look at Halle Berry, I just think that certain adjustments have to be made to avoid looking like a little boy. First of all, if you're pin thin, with no chest or butt, you're going to look like a little boy unless you wear tons of makeup, hair accessories and jewelry. End of story. Secondly, if you keep a little length on top to spike, swoosh to the side, etc., it makes a world of difference. Also, in my not-so expert opinion as I said earlier, showing a little cleavage with a short haircut never hurt anyone.

Agree? Disagree? Please let me know and feel free to send me pictures to prove me wrong. I'd love to hear from anyone with an opinion.

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  1. As a guy, I ALWAYS prefer long hair, anything that doesn't cover the neck really doesn't do it for me. I've known a couple guys over the years who liked short hair but I certainly have to agree with you, some girly accessories will at least let the world know there is a girl under that boy's cut. Same thing goes for guys, long hair is fine, usually kinda cool, but if you throw on a pair of skinny jeans with it, expect to be whistled at by another man at least once. And what's up with girls leaving cosmetology school with no hair? I don't get it.