Sunday, November 28, 2010

American Music Awards: The Ugly

Nicki Minaj- What is there even to say about the green hair? It looks like a cheap wig you'd buy at the dollar store. I'm all for colored highlights, I think they look cool in fact, but half your hair one color just doesn't work. That being said, I dig her lips and can't wait to see her MAC lipstick Pink Friday. Her cheeks and eyes are subtle and pretty and the whole makeup look is one I'd actually wear out of the house. Too bad her hair puts her in the ugly pile right away. Plus, I hate her thinly veiled stage name.

Kesha, Kesha, Kesha. I know what you're going for, edgy, cool, Lady Gaga I don't give a rat's ass but you just look ugly. You gotta give it to the girl for having the gumption to do this and for being able to get all that hair to stay all night (though that accolade goes to her hair stylist)! The eyebrow bandaids, the black and frosted silver lip, the six inch roots, it's a train wreck.

I love Kelly Osbourne. I love that she speaks her mind, I think she's a fairly good actress (loved Life as We Know It, the short lived show) and she looks absolutely wonderful since her weightloss (not that she looked horrible before). However, I have to say that this hair is just hideous. It seriously looks like a wig from the Jaclyn Smith Collection. I get where she was going but it ruined the whole look. Her dress was gorgeous, her lips were okay (would have gone for gloss or a lighter shade of lipstick to counteract the smoky eye) her eyes were pretty, and if she added a little bronzer to the rest of her face she would have looked spectacular makeup wise. It's such a shame she left the house with that hair.

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