Sunday, November 21, 2010

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadows

Note: Picture shows Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in Shag

One of the first brands I really got into when I started collecting big-girl makeup, as I like to call it, was Urban Decay. I love the name of the company and the names of the items, but we all know the name means nothing when the product is crap. Luckily for all of us, Urban Decay is the real deal.

The deluxe shadows from the brand are fabulous. They come in adorable flip-top containers and, though I've had slight functional problems with them, it's nothing to complain about, so I won't.

Urban Decay's regular shadows usually (though not always) have glitter and as much as I love glitter, I can't always deal with it in my eyeshadow. The deluxe shadows are like a grown-up version, think shimmer not glitter.

Every single one of these colors is wearable and the collectible containers make me want to have them all. Currently in my collection are Scratch (light pinky peach with silver shimmer), Ransom (vibrant iridescent purple), Fishnet (bright purply fuchsia), Graffiti (bright green), Peace (turquoise) and Adore (bright blue). I don't see Adore on, I wonder if they discontinued it. I've also had Honey but found the shimmery gold too yellow for my taste and passed it on to someone who would find it more flattering with their skintone.

As usual, all of the shadows I own are cooler in tone, although Scratch is a little warmer than I normally wear. Used over Urban Decay Primer Potion (even without), these last for hours with no smudging or creasing. The Primer Potion really brings out the color and results in an exact match between your eyelids and the pan color. Now that, I love! I'd highly recommend these for special occasion wear like prom or a wedding.

They retail for $18 and the deluxe size is really generous. Honestly, I don't see me ever wearing one of these until the package is empty. Next time you're in Sephora or Ulta, check them out and let me know what you think.

If you'd like to try them out but don't need a full size product many of the shades are available in Urban Decays Palettes and, since I own a few of those, I can attest to how wonderful the palettes themselves are as well. Who out there owns UD palettes and which ones? I have the Skull palette and Shadow Pony set and I couldn't love them more if I tried.

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