Saturday, November 27, 2010

Face-off Friday Katherine Heigl

Flashback: It's 1996 and my best friend and I are sitting in front of the Disney channel and watching Katherine Heigl in Wish Upon a Star. I loved that movie! Has anyone else seen it? I haven't been a huge fan since, never really watched Grey's but I am dying to see Life as we Know It when it comes out on DVD and One for the Money (by Janet Evanovich) when it hits theaters next summer.

I'm not necessarily a big fan of her acting (or her inflated ego) but I love that she can change up her look so much. Seriously, I'd much rather see celebs take risks than keep it the same every time. Anyone else with me? I mean, Rihanna, she doesn't always look picture perfect but you just have to know what she's going to wear. Obviously, Katherine look isn't as dramatic but girl can rock brown hair or blonde hair and she's worn so many makeup styles that it's hard to keep track.

Check out two of her recent magazine covers...

I like Katherine with brown curls, it's a much more natural look and really plays off her fair skin. Her blonde bob is a little too mature for someone with her silly personality. I love her Redbook makeup too, it's age appropriate and soft while still accentuating her features. Her eyes really stand out and I love the way her gloss photographed. And, while I love the olive dress on the InStyle cover, I adore the teal tank she wore on the Redbook cover. She looks like someone you'd be friends with not the movie star who would ignore you if you walked up to her on the street that I'm sure she is. What do you think?

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