Saturday, November 27, 2010

American Music Awards: The Good

I'm kinda upset that I didn't know the American Music Awards were even on until I saw the press coverage on Monday, I used to live for these things. As a kid I'd beg my parents to let me stay up late so I could watch. One year my bestie and I even "dressed up" to go to the Grammys (the same year JLO wore the infamous Versace dress), and of course, by dressing up I mean wearing long skirts as strapless dresses, my NYE tiara and winter scarf as fabulous accessories.

The most important part of any awards show, now and when I was 10, was the hair, makeup and dresses. This year, honestly, there wasn't much to be excited about. Does anyone else feel the same way? Here's what I loved...

Katy Perry-Katy Perry is a gorgeous girl and sometimes that gets lost in her over the top looks. Not this time. She looks 100% flawless. I love her soft waves, shimmery eyes, lips and cheeks. This is a look you could actually copy and wear on the street and not look like a circus freak. Applause to Mrs. Katy Brand. Beautiful!

Jessica Alba- Jessica's one of those girls I only find attractive sometimes. I loved her look when she did Honey and I love her look at the AMAs. The smoky eye really brings out her dark eye color and I love the slicked back, sophisticated hair with such a dramatic neckline. Gorgeous. Wouldn't change a thing.

Pink- I'm sure people are going to disagree with me here but I love Pink's silver/lavender hair. It's original (even though yes, it's been done already) and it really is an improvement over the bleached and pink. I like that she keeps evolving and her makeup is softer and more sophisticated now. PS: On a personal life note, how cute is it that she and Cary got back together? That takes balls after such a public breakup.

Taylor Swift- Words cannot express how glad I am to see her putting the curls away for the night. I'm a huge fan of curls (and personally have them myself and never,ever straighten them) however, her curling iron, too fake for their own good curls had to go. I love her hair straight, love the color, the bangs. A lot of people have said that it made her eyes look tiny but girls got tiny eyes to begin with. And can we talk about that dress? Huge departure from her normal baby doll look and I have to say I'm totally digging the whole look on her.

Christina Aguilera's Performance look- What a cool and fun eyeliner look. I'd never wear it because I'm not performing anywhere but it's fun. Pair that with a vinyl red lip and it's a perfect look at me! look. However, I must say I'd prefer to see Xtina look more like Taylor Swift does in the picture below, simple makeup, straight blonde hair and bangs. At first I thought this pic was Christina from a distance. How pretty would she look if she went back to this type of style?

PS- Does anyone else find it weird that Usher, Christina Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block all performed? I felt like I was back in the 90s instead of 2010.

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