Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beauty Girl's Secrets # 11: DIY Hair Tricks from Marie Claire

I frequently read about DIY (do it yourself) ideas for healthier skin and hair and while I always want to try them, I rarely do. I can't attest to the helpfulness of all of these treatments but the few that I have tried seemed to work. Let me know if you've had any experience with these, good or bad, in the comments.

1). As I've mentioned before loads of hairstylists recommend applying conditioner to hair for a day at the beach. They also say to add conditioner to hair before swimming to decrease the likelihood that hair will absorb chlorine or other chemicals that may alter the color or texture of your hair. This is something I usually do anyway just as a treat for my hair and it seems to work wonders.

2). Apply a gloss treatment between dye jobs, it extends the life of your color and amps up shine and boosts color. I recommend John Frieda's Glazes, they work well, although be careful not to stain your hands with the red or brunette versions. Some stylists recommend using a dark blonde shade even if your hair isn't blonde.

3). At the end of your shower, blast your hair with cold water to seal the cuticle and up shine. I've tried this and seemed to have shinier hair but it's not for the faint of heart.

4). Use clarifying shampoo only about once a month, or when you notice buildup on your strands. Any more than once a week will dull color and strip dyes from the hair.

5). If you're swimming in the pool and your hair turns green, try remedying it by applying ketchup. Sounds weird but whatever works right? As a dark haired girl I've never had problems with green hair.

6). I've also read that you can apply 1/2 cup of vodka mixed with 4 cups of water.

7). To revive color and reduce build-up rinse with one capful of apple cider vinegar in three cups of water. Make sure to use plenty of water or you'll end up smelling like a salad.

8). A little to zealous with the haircolor? Try dish soap immediately after coloring goes awry. Dish soap can also be used mixed with baking soda to remove green tinge from chlorine. Use only on the areas effected and make sure to use a heavy duty conditioner after.

9). Apply coconut oil to hair and leave on overnight. I've never done this because I'm breakout prone and terrified to clog my pores and live with cystic acne for weeks just to have healthier hair. If you're not as acne prone as me try it out, just make sure to wrap hair in a scarf and use a pillowcase that you don't care about.

10). Adding oil, vinegar and eggs to hair sounds like a new one but it's not. Those are the three major ingredients in mayo, a hairmask I've been known to do, though not since high school. Make sure you do this one a day that isn't so sweltering, you don't want to drip mayo down your face. Also make sure to rinse well.

11). To brighten haircolor listen up! Make a pot of chamomile tea for blonde hair, coffee or espresso for brunettes and cinnamon sticks boiled for 30 minutes for redheads. For some reason the pigments in these products brighten the hair and add shine all while smelling delicious.

Share with me any diy ideas you've used. I have to know!

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