Monday, June 20, 2011

Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender

There was a time you'd never catch me buying a high end mascara, never. I still technically have not caved on that one since I only purchased the deluxe sampler of all the higher end mascaras but I digress.

Back in the day I was firmly attached to my Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender and for good reason, it not only made my lashes inky and dark but it lengthened them into the stratosphere. Talk about hawt! Since then I've become more of a volume girl but you know how I like to shake it up. One the days that I'm looking for some lengthening action I wish I had a tube of Lash Extender hanging around.

The formula is truly the real deal. It's the perfect black shade, so dark that it shines, it doesn't clump or smear all over my face and the applicator really grabs my lashes for lots of curl and length. The curl and length truly last all day and make me look fabulous without shouting "it's the mascara, people" to everyone who walks by.

I've had pretty hit or miss success with Rimmel mascaras but for the price you can't beat them. Plus, they have so many formulas you're sure to find one that you're going to love for less than your twice daily Starbucks fix. Come on, it's summer, you know you're hitting that drive thru at least twice a day for an ice cold frappaccino!

Have you tried this formula? Doesn't it make lashes a mile long? My bestie who was blessed with the perfect lash fringe can't even compete with me when it comes to this mascara.

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