Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fashions

I wish it were summer year round, at least fashion-wise. Bulky sweaters just make me look bulky and I really like showing off my legs in a skirt and my decolletage in low cut V necks. Neither is very attractive in the dead of winter when the cold makes skin so raw after 3 minutes in the winter air. Here are some of the summer fashions I'm wishing I had the money for right now!

There has been some controversy over this picture of Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton's Core Values campaign. No it's not that Angie's values are a little iffy (come on, who can forget the blood vial, the admitted knife play and her making out with her brother on national TV?). It's that she's supposedly not wearing makeup when any beauty junkie can clearly point out that is not the case. Look at those gorgeous smoky eyes. Anyway... I got a little off track there. What I wanted to say about this picture is how in love I am with the outfit, the loose gray tee and linen-esque cargo pants. This is a look that would keep you cool from morning til night when the occasion doesn't call for shorts. Lovely!

Here's a picture of gorgeous supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (aka Jason Statham's arm candy) looking super fine in a white backless dress. This is something I could never in a million years pull off but I would like to if given the occasion or $$$$ that comes with such a hawt outfit! The gold heels only add to the luxe look.

Two words: Leather shorts! I so want to go there but I just can't. First, I hardly ever wear shorts, just skirts and dresses, and secondly, ouch! You know that feeling you get when you sit on a leather banquette for a while and then try to get up and you're STUCK? Imagine that all the time. The deconstructed tee with the fringe really adds to the rockstar look. Maybe someday I'll have the guts to go for it.

This one's not really summery but would work for transitioning into fall even though I can't believe I'm thinking that far ahead. I love the loose tank that's sloppily tucked in but I'm really adoring those purple jeans. J'adore. I would so wear these, especially since purple's my favorite color. To make this work now I'd ditch the heavy boots and add some kick ass flat sandals but no flipflops.

To give you an idea how fair I am I bet Isla Fisher is darker than I am. Seriously. For that reason I adore this dress because it doesn't make us pale girls look even paler and the flowers lend a sophisticated garden party like vibe to the look. The waistline of this dress is super flattering to those of us with boobs and a tummy. I would have chosen a different color for the accessories though, probably the medium tone blue in the dress.

It seems like no DOC fashion roundup is complete without a picture of Jordin Sparks and honestly I'm not even a fan of her music, I'm not even sure if I've ever heard her music. Girl is totally rocking this outfit, gray tank tucked into a lime green bandage skirt. If I didn't have such a big belly I'd be all over this look. The colors work so well together but I'd never think to put them together. I used to have a prairie-style (but shorter) skirt that was lime and I loved pairing it with black for the contrast but gray is much more subtle and sexy. Way to go Jordin.

I found the perfect day off ensemble on Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio. Her tan skin looks fabulous in neon pink shorts but I bet they'd look equally fabulous on my albino legs. The sweatshirt keeps things comfy in the early morning and into the evening when a tank just won't do. Plus, how cute is her daughter Anja?

Another frequent fashion inspiration of mine is Kerry Washington. I'm loving coral this year and along with everyone else I can't wait to get my hands on something simmering and coral. This dress on Kerry is gorgeous. The color is perfect for many skintones, in fact as a fair girl with pink undertones, coral is one of my best colors. The draping on this stunner camouflages a multitude of sins and would be perfect on just about any figure from stick thin to full and fabulous.

Minka Kelly is a flawless beauty and her style has come a long way in the past few years. She's always been beautiful but I just love her in this easy summer outfit of faded and ripped jeans with a cute white top. This is a look literally everyone could rock and I bet we'd all look pretty damn hot in!

There you have it, my favorite summer fashions so far. There's plenty more to come. Each week when I skim through (who am I kidding I read them cover to cover) the glossies I'm on the lookout for the next cutest outfit. I hope you enjoy my little fashion foray. Clearly my love of is coming into play a little bit.


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  2. She can make anything look amazing!