Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola feat. Dakota Fanning

I know you've been waiting for it; Marc Jacobs, the king of top selling fragrances, is releasing a new one later this summer, Oh Lola. This version of the popular Lola fragrance will be released in July and is said to be a lighter version of the original, perfect for summer. Fruit scents including strawberry, raspberry and pear (which usually gives me a headache, unfortunately) were added to the vanilla and peony base making this great for those who are young and still perfect for those who are just young at heart. Sandalwood adds a sophistication and a heartier note to the mix.

The bottle is the same design as the original all done up in pink making it absolutely perfect for your vanity top or bathroom counter. I know most people went crazy for the original Lola bottle but I honestly found it pretty gaudy and very 80s-esque. The tone on tone version is much subtler and pretty while still keeping with the original.

What caught my eye about this fragrance was the ad featuring Dakota Fanning, Marc's newest muse. Dakota looks adorable and doll-like in her Marc Jacobs polka dot dress and white tights with her cute "fashion-y" sneer. I think Dakota makes a perfect spokesperson for Oh Lola, she's young and in demand but she's also a very mature, sophisticated young woman. What a great muse, right? I really wish more young woman were like this instead of wearing shirts that say "She's a whore" with an arrow pointing to the friend beside them. I seriously saw that yesterday. What is this world coming to?

I can't wait to get my hands on this perfume and really tell you what I think of it. I have Daisy and adore it so I can only imagine that Oh Lola would be just as wonderful. Let me know what you think if you pick it up.

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