Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday on Thursday: Wardrobe's Secret Weapons

My wife was out of town Monday night and come on, I'm a guy, so after a long day at work I kinda forgot to write my post for Tuesday. I now bring you, Dudesday Tuesday on Thursday.

Since I don't have cable and the antenna on my TV no longer seems to work, the only place I get my news is Yahoo. It turns out they have lots of interesting stories, a lot of them surprisingly involving fashion and makeup. I went on a few days ago to find out what was going on in the world, which of course is never anything but depressing so I decided look at the article from Redbook about the five outfits guys secretly want to see women wear. I was glad someone researched this because in my personal experience, what the mainstream media claim guys like is not exactly accurate. I'll only go in depth into my two personal favorites with a brief mention of the other choices.

For the three I'm not going to get into, let me just say that I love simple sexy dresses, especially ones that show off your arms or something cool and unexpected like your back or parts of your stomach. While pencil skirts are nice, I can't really get on board with the whole classic heels look. Personally I like heels that stand out and draw attention whether it be because of height, color or some kind of crazy design that makes me look twice. When they say pretty undies, they mean pretty much anything besides granny panties and that should be a given. I don't think you can really go wrong with underwear, whether in a thong, lace, cotton or emblazoned with a cartoon kitty (although if it were She-Ra I'd really be turned on). Honestly, as long as they make you feel sexy, they will be.

Now onto two of my favorite outfits that for some reason always seem to catch my eye, and now thanks to Redbook I don't feel like such a weirdo. We'll start with the traditional college girl look; sweat pants and a soft shirt. It's simple, which is probably why half-asleep girls on every college campus across the country are rocking this look, but it's attractive. Obviously more form fitting sweats are going to be sexier than baggy ones that leave you swimming in them but honestly if you pair the baggy sweats with a tight top that shows off your figure, you'll still turn heads. The same is true for tight sweatpants and a baggy top, it shows off a little bit of what's to be expected underneath, especially for girls with a little much desired junk in the trunk. I can't say for other guys but what I personally love about this look is that it lets you see what a girl looks like when she's not 'on', just her everyday hanging around the house look. It somehow seems personal, like you're seeing the girl you can't get out of your head in her natural environment and she's still amazingly beautiful without trying.

The second look that really speaks to me is so complicated I'm sure most of you won't ever be able to dream of pulling it off. Are you ready for this? Jeans and a tank. When I used to play Sims back in the day, I'd always give my girl the same outfit, out of all the crazy things to choose from, it was blue jeans and a blank tanktop. When my friends saw my Sim girl, they always commented on how hot she was, it was the outfit that did it. So simple yet so incredibly sexy. Like with the sweats look, tight jeans are better and if you pair that with a tight tank, it'll have men following you and you won't even know why (well, until now). It'll look good with heels, sneakers, flip flops, hell you could even go barefoot. If it's kind of chilly, any kind of coat looks great over the outfit as well, whether it be leather, pea coat or a big old puffy winter jacket. The jeans can be shorts, capris, flared or even have rips and tears in them like you just walked away from a fight with an angry cougar, it won't take away from the appeal. The weird thing is, I don't know why. Maybe it's because it says something about the girl; low maintenance fashionista, high maintenance tomboy, comfortable with who she is but always looking to impress, down to earth with her head in the clouds. It says everything a guy needs to know about his dream girl.

Your clothes don't have to, but they can say a lot about you. Don't false advertise yourself because you'll attract exactly what you're looking for by simply being comfortable in your own skin as well as in your own clothes. It's usually the simple things that are the best so don't try too hard in areas you don't have to. Dazzle him when it's time but when you're going about your everyday business, wearing what you'd normally wear will turn more heads than you ever thought possible. Now you just know to look for it. And please, try not to cause too many car accidents, we can't help but stare.

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