Sunday, June 5, 2011

Buxom Hot Ticket

Woohoo! I like to think I don't let such important things slip by without taking notice but HELLO! how did I not know that there was relatively new Sephora in my state? Considering it's the first one within four hours of me you'd think I would have been all over that like white on rice! I just found out, though Matt actually found it and surprised me with a trip there for a belated birthday celebration since both of us were sick on the actual day.

Of course that means I had a lot of research to do. What to buy? What to investigate both for personal reasons and for you dear DOC readers? The list seems infinite so, being easily overwhelmed as I am, I decided not to do too much research, just seek and destroy once inside. Plus, we're hitting up Ulta on the way, still too far away at 85 miles from me. Can you even believe I can have such a makeup obsession way out in the willywags?

Well, I hit up my email to thank the lucky stars I remembered my birthday gift from Sephora and low and behold I have about seven emails from Sephora that I couldn't resist peeking at before the big day. Holy hell did I fall in love. With what you ask? This beauty.... Take a look.

Buxom Hot Ticket! Since I'm a hot ticket I clearly have to have it. Besides the fact that I'm addicted to Buxom mascara (still! despite my sacrifice to bring you Mascara Mondays) Buxom Lip Polish and Stay-There Eyeshadow, I'm dying to try the Insider Eyeliner. Considering the mini in this kit comes in shade Black Jasper, a dark bluish-gray, a color I have nowhere else in my makeup collection, I have to have it. We'll see if I pull the trigger when it's in front of me. The $29 price tag is almost too good to be true considering the full sized mascara and shadow retail for $18 and $17, respectively. You can't beat that plus a mini eyeliner and lip polish. Plus, Beagle (a light purple) shadow and Dani Lip Polish are both beautiful colors. I already have Dani and love it but since one off the characters in my 85th in-the-works novel is named Dani, it seems fitting I should get another one. Hurry and pick it up as it is limited edition and exclusive to Sephora! Not to mention Beagle doesn't seem to be available on it's own right now!

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