Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MTV Movie Award: The Bad & The Ugly

It's almost more fun to look at the Bad and Ugly outfits at any award show, wouldn't you say? I mean, pretty much all of us know we could never look like any of these celebs we see on the best dressed list or afford the clothes they wear to events but there's always hope when we know we have a better fashion sense (or common sense in some cases) than someone with a bottomless pit for a bank account. It's one thing that we can pat ourselves on the back for and commend ourselves for making the most of our 9-5 paychecks or, let's face it, in these tough economic times our unemployment checks. Take a look at the terrible looks from the night and have a little laugh, you earned it. We'll start with the Bad List!

This picture of Brooklyn Decker has me wondering if she's pregnant. There is no denying the girl is beautiful but this sack of a dress is doing nothing for her. She looks like she's just trying to blend in but those black shoes are a pretty bad choice, I would have gone with gold strappy sandals or at least nude pumps. How long until we hear she's preggo?

In another shot I only saw on Just Jared (love that site so much) here's Chelsea Handler. I'm not a huge fan of her, I think she's brash and very unclassy although, I'll admit, she can be funny as hell. This dress and more importantly her hair are doing nothing for me. NOTHING. The dress looks like she pulled it from the bottom of her closet all wrinkled, the black looks too dark for a daytime/summer event and I would have liked to see her add some color with her accessories.

I hate to hate on Emma Stone but I gotta. I love this girl to pieces but I can't get on board with the dress. Black lace is not one of my favorite looks and I find the underlayer a little strange on this one with the gold and nude shades. It's very ladylike and classy, it just seems too mature for her. Also, what the heck color are those shoes, copper? Bronze? Me no likey! My guilt has made me point out just how much I love her with dark strawberry blonde hair and her makeup looks killer, all bare and "I just woke up this way."

In another "too mature for her age" outfit we have Hailee Steinfeld. This girl is adorable but what is up with the suit? It looks like something an actress past her prime would wear to cover up her spiderveins and unshaven legs. Maybe with a tighter fit and a sexier shirt underneath (though not to sexy, she's a youngen!). The pop of color from her clutch and lipstick helps out the look A LITTLE.

The last Bad of the night is brought to you by the letter S for Selena Gomez. God, she's so freakin' cute I just want to pinch those cheeks but I also want to fire her stylist and I can't be sure which I wanna do first. Earlier in the week there was the fiasco with the pink painted horses on the set of her video and while I think it was just a stupid decision I bet Selena was trying to fly under the radar just in case. This dress did just that. Seriously this is something that a young celeb's mother should wear to the event. It's even too mature for Selena's young mother who's not even 40 yet! It's very "I'm on a fancy cruise" to me but I can't say that it's horrid, it's just not right for someone so young and cute.


Jessica Szohr is known to take risks on the red carpet and sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don't. I'd have to say this is a don't to the max! A paisley jumpsuit screams Studio 54 and the black and white palette is kinda boring. Plus, the baggy bodice and too long hem make her look bigger than she is even if she's looking 6 feet tall with the higher waist. Just for once I'd like to see Jessica in something more traditional, a leg baring mini would be nice.

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki! What were you thinking? Ok this dress would be fine if she lopped off the sheer skirt, more than fine it would probably be nice. I love the cool neckline but again I would have preferred a little bit of color. Perhaps the leather accents and her shoes could be funky mismatched neons? Something about this hairstyle rubs me the wrong way too like she's not quite edgy enough to shave the side of her head like other stars have done lately (and please don't because that look needs to die already)!

What do you think? Any you disagree with completely? Agree or disagree I'd love to hear it in the comments.

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