Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orly Snowcone with Swatches

Ever since I was a pre-teen I've had a love affair with nail polish. Back in the day I would change my polish a couple times a week and probably even got to the point where I would do it every day. In those days I was pretty liberal with my choices, anything goes including every finger a different color. I still have the luxury of doing that as I don't work anywhere that wouldn't allow for nail polish and/or funky manicures and my tastes haven't calmed down. Do we have any fans of the blackberry mani out there? You know you have your thumb a different color than the rest of the nail? I don't know if I'd go that far but I'm far from a neutral girl.

Enter Orly Snowcone (in this less than flattering picture of my hand) The name alone makes me happy but it's not what I would picture when I think of a snowcone. Orly's version is more of a cotton candy blue color, perhaps slightly brighter yet at the same time very pastel. This blue is neither green or purple leaning just a straight up baby blue shade.

I love the way this color wears. I could easily get away with one coat and the polish didn't drag or skip over the nail. Orly's one of my favorite brands for their fabulous brush and brush handle, the rubber no-slip grippers really help when you're impatient like me and have to do 10 things at once in order to feel successful. Or is that just me?

The wear with this polish was pretty good. I'm so hard on my nails and don't use a base coat (although I'm in the market for one and strongly leaning towards one from Orly) but I got a good 2 1/2 days of wear which is GREAT for me. A lot of times I'm lucky to get one full day and such is the case with MAC.

What do you think? Is this a color you'd wear for a mani or could you only get away with it on your toes? Come on and let me know in the comments. Stay tuned tomorrow for a pedi post with China Glaze!

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