Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beauty Girl's Secrets #13: Summer Fragrances: Part 1, Day

I can't even tell you how long it's been since I've updated my fragrances. I have a ton of body sprays from Victoria's Secret that keep me trucking through the warmer months and those days when I don't want to wear a heavy fragrance. But I've been thinking, what if I want something to help me stick out? What if I want something yummy and delicious to smell all summer long? Well, I'm working on that. I'm not a huge sucker for keeping certain fragrances for summer or winter use only but here are some great lighter choices for those of you that like to keep 'em separated. Of course you could just go for a lighter (eau de toilette as apposed to eau de parfum) version of your favorite fragrance during the warmer months.

CK One Summer
As you probably already know both Matt and I love the original CK One but it's nice to mix it up sometimes. This version has lemony topnotes that smell amazing and not at all like furniture polish like you can get elsewhere. It's that clean CK One scent with a few added surprises.

Katy Perry Purr
Can I say how much I adore the bottle on this one? I know the kitty kinda freaks Matt out but I'd love to have this on my vanity table. This scent is not so subtle but it is light and fresh. I'll liken it to a baked good, this one's a cupcake not the whole cake. I love the light fresh notes with a little fruity and a little foody. I think this is one young men would enjoy but not the type you'd wear to attract a wallstreet type.

Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea
This is another scent that I love. Don't worry it's the same Harajuku Lovers G you've come to love just in a cute collectible bottle. This one is as fruity as they come and I can't get over the pineapple smell that lingers on me all day. How cute is that bottle? You can always pick it up in the regular bottle if this one's not your thing.

Coach Summer
As I mentioned before a great way to lighten the load, so to speak, is to wear an eau de toilette or EDT. These lighter versions have lower concentrations of fragrance and are perfect for those hot summer days where you can't be bothered to do much else besides sit in front of the TV with the AC cranked. This one's a sweet floral so if that's your thing get all over this limited edition scent.

Coach Poppy
If you're looking for something a little stronger definitely check out Poppy by Coach, it's a heavier scent than Summer but still very light. If only I could find a Coach bag for the same prices as these fabulous perfumes, then my life would be complete! This one's a mixed bag (haha, pun intended) of fruity, floral and gormand,(which to us regular folk means "smells good enough to eat." It's got some fruity/floral opening notes then mellows down to a marshmallow base (pun not intended this time)!

A favorite of mine is Demeter's scents and I'll admit there are some pretty weird ones, Lobster anyone?

I mean, I'm a Maine girl but who wants to smell like lobster? Trust me, most lobster men are not dateable so attracting them with your scent is slightly silly. I digress... One Demeter scent I know for sure I can get on board with is Frozen Margarita. After trying Philosophy's Senorita Margarita 3n1, I couldn't not try Demeter's version. WOW! It's dead on. There's the faintest smell of salt and tequila but you're not going to smell like an alcoholic, I swear. The lime scent is delicious and light enough even for a day at the beach with superior wearability. I could still smell this on my clothes when I went to do a load of laundry.

Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue
Another totally wearable citrus scent is from Dolce and Gabanna and again, is probably the only thing I'll ever own from the brand. I love the citrus-y grapefruit notes and I love how fresh the scent reads. Seriously, I could wear this year round with very little difficulty. This is a perfume I like to lightly spritz on before a workout to keep me energized and in a good mood. Try it sometime, I think you'll find that I'm right!

Jennifer Aniston
I've heard wonderful things about Jennifer Aniston's first foray into perfuming although I could have sworn I remember reading about her making fun of celebrity scents a while back. Anyway, what does it matter if it smells amazing? I'm not a snob and therefore I don't care who's name is attached to my perfume if it smells amazing. Come on, I'm not a fan of Christina Aguilera but I adore one of hers. Jennifer's a little higher on the celebrity totem pole so you might want to try her jasmine and sea air scent, you just might love it.

What do you think? Are you like me and don't really care if your fragrance is "summery" as long as it's what you're in the mood for? I've been known to wear Bath and Body Works Sensual Amber year round and still enjoy the way it smells on me in the summer.

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