Monday, June 27, 2011

Buxom Amplified Lash

Capitalism is a great thing. In this country we've grown up with the ability to pick and choose what we like and stick with it, watch companies grow from the ground up and take their product to new places. Another great thing about it is one company can start a trend that explodes onto the scene with other companies rushing to one up the competition. With the introduction of MAC's Haute and Naughty mascara last year it seems every makeup conglomerate is clamoring to make the next multiple formula mascara. We've seen them from Almay and Rimmel at the drugstore and now Buxom is bringing it to Sephora in a totally different way with Amplified Lash Mascara. Introducing the first (to my knowledge) adjustable brush. This isn't an adjustable tube, the brush itself actually gets bigger or smaller by turning a dial. Take a look...

Do you change your mind all the time like me? Hey, I'm a Gemini, what's your excuse?!? Some days I want thick fringy lashes other days I want long spidery wisps to compliment a nearly naked face. That's just the way it is. I can't be the only one, please, I'm begging you, tell me I'm not!

Buxom is one of my favorite brands and is a sub-brand of Bare Escentuals therefore products are free of potentially dangerous chemicals like parabens and sulfates. The line, unlike other chemical-free lines, is also super effective and gorgeous. I would seriously buy everything I could from them if possible and that's why I have high hopes for this product. If it's anything like the Buxom Mascara I'll be having a polygomist relationship with mascara, a love affair with both.

Sephora says: "When fully extended, the brush volumizes lashes up to 600%*. When in its compact position, the bristles squeeze closer together to expertly comb through each and every lash for maximum length, separation, and definition." * After two coats, based on an independent U.S. study.

Plus, how could you not love it? The color is Loud Black! Just my kind of black. At $22 it's a bit of splurge for me but the quality of this line makes it completely worth it and justifiable. In fact, since it's like owning two mascaras you really can't go wrong. If you've tried it or plan to try it let me know in the comments.

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