Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally! Olay Pro-X Clear

It's about damn time! I'm an adult acne sufferer, as are many adults in my family, and it's seriously about time that companies realized acne prone doesn't necessarily mean oily. I'm not oily, far from it, I'd even categorize myself as very dry, yet I have acne and easily break out. I know what to do to control it, exfoliate often, moisturize more than I think I need to and use cream-based oil-free cosmetics whenever possible. Olay has finally gone a step further than that and created a line for adult acne sufferers. Here's what they have to say.

"As skin ages, its ability to regenerate slows down and its moisture barrier can become compromised, causing adult skin to be more fragile than younger skin. This can make it harder for adult skin to improve the appearance of acne, enlarged pores and uneven texture. The Olay Professional Alliance, a team of leading dermatologists and Olay scientists, set out to design a skin care regimen for adults with acne that would not only treat acne, but also improve the overall appearance of skin by reducing the look of uneven textures and enlarged pores."

Luckily, I usually have limited breakouts on my cheeks so uneven texture isn't too big of an issue for me but I'd love to have smooth skin, smaller pores and eliminate breakouts with one simple system.

The three part system includes a cleanser, treatment and moisturizer, eliminating the dreaded middle step in that OTHER skincare trio, toner. Just cleanse the skin, apply the treatment and moisturizer and you're done. The best part is easy availability in stores and the price.

This line also includes a sulfur based mask which I've found is a great ingredient to dry up pimples quickly and easily without irritatitng surrounding skin. There's also an SPF 15 UVA/UVB Lotion to add sun coverage but I would recommend a higher SPF for everyone, especially since acne treatments are known to up the skin's sensitivity to the sun.

If you're like me, dry AND acne prone, I would recommend checking out this line.

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