Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mac Surf, Baby!

It's not very often that a MAC collection comes along and I have to have something. You may have noticed that I'm not a MAC devotee and not every collection is going to get a mention from me. I don't know what it is, I just can take it or leave it. Unless something sparkly for the cheeks is involved that is. It's my one MAC downfall and Surf, Baby's Cheek Powder in My Paradise had me at hello! Wow gorgeousness. It sold out pretty quickly online and I have to tell you if you see it at your local counter or in stores, snap it up quickly. It's too gorgeous to pass up. The coral matte powder with sparkly gold overspray (it doesn't go to the bottom of the pan) is perfect for every complexion plus, as many bloggers have pointed out, the overspray means you can control how sparkly you want to go with this. Knowing me I'd run through the spray in a couple weeks time. (Second from left, top row)

There are many exciting items in this collection for MAC lovers out there. Surf USA, a teal eyeshadow and Blue Moon, a bluer teal powerpoint eyeliner, both caught my eye for the obvious reason that they are bright, cool toned colors. I guess not having a type of guy is fine, as long as I make up for it in type of makeup. Seriously, you couldn't pinpoint a type of guy that I have, not in a million years. Makeup? That's easy, cool tones, bright eyes, pink glossy lips and sparkly cheeks. Of course I mix it up pretty well but what girl doesn't love a little variety?

Also in my "damn, I wish I didn't miss these pile" Crushed Metallic pigment stacks in Surf the Ocean. These are these stacked jars of pigments you've seen in some previous collections. I have to say, again (!), I'm such a mess with these, I'll spill them all over the place in a heartbeat, still the gorgeous silver, light seafoam green, bronze and darkened blue green are so versatile that I could see using these all up before I spill them all over the place. (Top left of picture)

Plus, if you missed out on Strange Potion Lipglass from Venomous Villains, a gorgeous peachy-coral-pink,(last lipglass on right) you can pick it up now in the cute Surf, baby! packaging. How great is that? That's one of the things I love most about MAC. Although they lure you in with the limited edition stuff, if you missed it once you can probably check for it in upcoming collections, I just wish their was more logic to the process, instead of the hunting we have to do now.

Then there are the so gorgeous nail laquers. I have had ZERO success with MAC polishes, they chip on me within hours but these colors are too sexy to ignore. A bright blue Ocean Dip (just my type) and perfect for me nude, Hanging Loose, really call my name but I'm kinda happy I missed these because I'd inevitably be frustrated as hell a couple of hours after application.

What do you think? Can you resist a packaging as cute as this? Didn't think so! Scoop 'em up if you see 'em 'cause they're going fast!

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