Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clinique Even Better Makeup

We all want gorgeous flawless skin and one of the first things that make me think of healthy, perfect skin is even tone. I'm not blessed with even skin, not at all. I'm red and splotchy and don't get me started on the freckles that don't seem to stay away even when I wear tons of SPF. It's pretty easy to cover with makeup but what if there was something you could do about it while covering it up? Well, there is. Clinique's Even Better Makeup with SPF 15 promises to improve evenness by 80% or more instantly. Give it 4-6 weeks and you'll have more even skin even without makeup.

I've tried Clinique's Even Better line with limited success. I admit I didn't use it as long or as often as I should but I did notice my larger "age spots" softening and fading. Imagine if you could do that without adding another step to your routine. It would make it impossible to forget, just slap on your foundation like you always do. This product is oil-free so it won't clog pores and leave you with pimples instead of uneven skintone. The SPF 15 in this foundation keeps you from getting more freckles but for most people SPF 15 isn't enough especially if you're using your foundation sparingly. I would definitely apply this over a higher SPF moisturizer or sunscreen. With a medium to full coverage all imperfections are covered.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a great match in this foundation, even the lightest shades are too yellow on me but they are very blendable and I could wear the two lightest shades with a little extra blending and sheering out around the edges. At $24.50 this foundation is a lot more affordable than many prestige brands foundation but significantly more than what you would spend at the drugstore. I love that it comes in a huge range of shades from Jaime pale to deep and dark. If you haven't checked out the range lately give it another go, there have been a lot of shades added to the lineup, mostly darker shades but also the new lightest shade Linen. I'm not sure if I even tried Linen (if it was available in the store I was at) or if I tried Alabaster but Linen seems like a better match for me, a pinker undertone.

How about you? Were you blessed with even skin or, like me, do you need extra help in this department?

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