Friday, June 3, 2011

Face-Off Friday: Blake Lively

Why is that when I decide to grow out my colored red hair I see the color cropping up everywhere on everyone else? I swear every time I commit to not coloring my hair and just let the roots come in I'm bombarded with images of sexy redheads. I should just quit now, it's no use anyway, my hair is coming in auburn anyway save for that one gray hair I spotted a couple months ago. My dad's hair was red when he was a kid and my mom's hair has always had a little bit of red it. Why am I telling you this you're wondering? It's the topic of Face-Off Friday, of course. Can you guess who without looking at the picture?

That's right, Blake Lively, everyone's favorite BLONDE, has gone red. Really if I heard about it before seeing pictures I probably would have cried but honestly, I think girl's rocking it. I can't say I'd prefer it over her trademark blonde but it is pretty nonetheless. The copper/strawberry blonde is subtle and works well with her coloring. I wonder how much she had to alter her makeup for this new haircolor!

Here's one of my favorite pictures of Blake as a blonde. Her dress is fabulous and from Topshop of all places! Doesn't she look great. I love the boho quality of her hair with such a glam dress, I love the high/low mix. I'm sure there are more glamourous pictures out there but this is my favorite.

What do you think? Blonde or red? Glam or bohemian? I'm dying to know what you think, as always. Leave me love in the comments.

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