Saturday, June 11, 2011

Men in Makeup

We all have our things, you know the things about guys that we find sexy. Even though I don't have a particular type there are things I generally find sexy on men. First of all there's thermal shirts. I don't know what it is about them, they're just so cuddly and sexy in their muscle hugging abilities. And, with the exception of my 5'10" hubby I generally find tall guys to be sexy, taller guys who are build like athletes, all broad and muscular not skinny and scrawny. Well one thing I can't get on board with is boys in makeup, regardless of their sexual orientation. Not in real life. I love that guys can express themselves like that, I just wouldn't want my boyfriend wearing guyliner or manscara.

What about entertainers? Well, I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this one but I don't find Johnny Depp sexy, smoky eye or not! He just doesn't do it for me. Ryan Reynolds, yes. Johnny Depp, no. That said I don't mind that he wears eyeliner, he can get away with it. Same with guys who are in bands, professional wrestlers or actors who wear it on set. Once you're no longer performing off it comes, just like the rest of your costume. I thought I'd share with you a picture that I found while trolling the internet some months ago and keep going back to. Know why? It's not because the guy is sexy and I have to have my daily fix it's because, well, I wanna crib his look. Take a look at this picture of Adam Lambert in expertly done eyeshadow and liner. Please ignore the weird facial hair and waxy skin.

I would pay good money to know what color shadow he has under his eyes, that gorgeous forest green. It perfectly coordinates with his pretty green eyes and I think it would compliment my blue-green eyes as well. I'd wear that, all the time! Do you know of anything similar I could check out? Please and thank you?

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