Monday, June 20, 2011

Philosophy Hope Oil Free SPF 30

A while back I got a sample of Philosophy Hope Oil Free with SPF 30 and I put it to the test this week. As a girl who loves to spend time at the park (sitting in the shade still slathered in SPF) I figured I should give it a try. After a disastrous trial with a similar Cetaphil Product, I thought I might have better luck with Philosophy, a brand I love and trust. Practically my whole skincare and bath/shower routine revolves around Philosophy in some way from their fabulous cleansers and exfoliators to the 3n1 bubble bath, shower gel and shampoos that I seem to collect like Olympians collect metals.

I have to say this formula was much more moisturizing than I thought it would be and it sunk right into my skin with minimal work. I also loved that this didn't have a very strong sunscreen smell, give me fruity any day but I don't want to smell like powdery sunscreen. While I wouldn't normally use just SPF 30 I thought it was fine for a trial run as long as I stayed in the shade. I didn't notice any more freckles and had no sunburn to speak of even after 3-4 hours outside. I definitely couldn't say that if I went unprotected.

My only complaint was that by the end of the day (we're talking 10 or more hours and tons of product testing later) my skin was SHINY. I have dry skin but I do have a tendency to get a little slick after I exfoliate which I had done that AM. I woke up the next morning and my skin was still buttery soft, almost to the point that I'd be forced to use a skin primer whether I wanted to or not in order to just keep my makeup on my face. This is highly unusual for me but not completely awful. My skin is plumped up and smooth like I just had a facial and I have a feeling it would still be this way even if I hadn't just exfoliated.

There was no chalky residue or eye irritation whatsoever. I love the trail size tube and have relegated it to my makeup bag for emergency purposes. The $38 price tag for 2oz would definitely be a hindrance when it came to repurchusing but I think you're getting a much better product than some of those other moisturizers with SPF that are out there.

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