Sunday, June 12, 2011

Color Oops

Have you ever had one of those uh-oh moments? You colored your hair a shade you were loving on the package but when you get it on your hair you're about ready to kill someone? I know I have. As an at home color enthusiast I've been pretty lucky to only have one of those in my lifetime. I've been coloring my hair red since 2003, 8 long years, Matt has never seen me with my natural brunette hair. Since I can't afford to splash out for salon color (and frankly, I'm scared by some of the results of salons in my area) I'm letting my hair grow out. The change is so subtle you'd have no clue. I swear, my roots are growing in red, just slightly darker (and completely unnoticeable on my curly and always up locks).

The uh-oh moment in question was when I decided to dye my hair black. Bad idea! First of all, always go with dark brown dye, not black. Even the non-blue shades on the shelf turn out blue once on the hair and I have super dark hair to begin with. It was inky black with a blue tinge. Plus, the color didn't even saturate my ends so the red was still showing through. It didn't look awful but it was too harsh for my super fair skin. Enter Color Oops.

This product is a lifesaver, truly. It's for use after coloring your hair DARKER, it's not going to make a single bit of difference if you went too light as you can't add pigment back into the strand. Secondly, it doesn't remove all the color but it makes it a lot more bearable and natural looking without leaving your hair feeling like straw. Just mix it up like you would haircolor and follow the directions as soon as possible, the less time the color has in contact with your hair, the better. When you rinse your hair out you're left with a much more tolerable shade. I do recommend using a heavy duty conditioner after using color oops, especially since you must have already colored, it can be drying.

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