Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Makeup Shopping

Last week I spent my Wednesday makeup shopping. Granted I didn't buy anything for myself but the trip wasn't really for me, it was for my lovely wife's birthday. We recently got two Ulta's in the state of Maine and one Fashionista's Heaven on Earth better known as Sephora. So we hit up all three of them and spent hours looking at makeup. Both stores were incredible, no complaints about from me whatsoever except for the lack of men I saw.

With everything our women do for us and put up with, you'd think we would have the decency to go into the makeup store with them. Maybe it's because there's nothing in there for men to look at, I certainly see lots of guys with their girlfriends at Victoria's Secret. The least we can do is hold our girl's purse while she looks for the makeup that helps make her look so beautiful. Aside from holding purses, we could also offer our humble opinions or do what I spent my Wednesday doing, aside from driving and purse holding, I wrote down the items she wanted to look more into or review for the blog. The truth is there is always something we can do but out of selfishness choose not to do something that is boring to us.

The moral of the story is that there is always something we can do to help our ladies. It doesn't have to be some huge thing, simply holding a purse can go a long way. Noticing what our girls like from the brand to the color is important, we should all have at least some idea as to what products our favorite women use. I was happy to see an older guy go into Ulta, alone, buying a few bottles of his wife's favorite shampoo. That man deserves a gold sticker. I hope all of you ladies are lucky enough to have a man that not only knows you so well he can pick out your favorite products for you but is willing to go into a girls store and actually do it. Whether it's shampoo, makeup or freaking tampons, our women deserve to have our support and helping hand. It doesn't take much to say a lot so please, men, find a way to say it.

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