Thursday, June 16, 2011

Justin Bieber Someday

I can't do anything without thinking about this blog. Seriously, I'm sipping a drink at home on the couch and I think, I wonder if one of my many (okay, 5) readers would like this. I'm slathering on sunscreen day after day wishing I had more summer so I could really test drive them all. Most of all, reading has been killed for me. Every single time I pick up a magazine it becomes an "oooh, I have to review this for DOC," every time. Not that I mind. I love being being able to combine three of my favorite passions, reading, writing and makeup, into some fun for someone else.

This month as I was sitting down with my brand new issue of Cosmo, I kept smelling something amazing. Truly un-Godly amazing! I'm skimming through the pages, reading along and the smell hits me again. So now I'm rushing through the magazine looking for that scented ad that is driving me insane (in a good way) and I almost shot water out my nose when I saw it. It's not Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, I have that one and love it in all its grapefruit glory, this scent was decidedly sweeter and even more fruity. Once I can breathe again, you know from all that choking, I start staring. It's Justing Bieber, the little teen heartthrob with the hair. He has a perfume, for women. Smartest. Marketing. Idea. Ever.

The thing is, it smells fantastic, a really light fruity scent that is perfect for summer and for teenyboppers year round. I'm not a "nose" when it comes to perfumes but the dry down appears to be a very light floral that has only the slightest hint of powder. Although the bottle looks remarkably like Marc Jacobs Lola, the little cell phone charm is sure to impress your niece, your daughter, or your friend who seems permanently stuck in 6th grade (come on, we all have one of those)!

The fragrance launches this summer with proceeds going towards Give Back Brands, if I understand this correctly, all money after taxes and expenses. Here's what the ad had to say, I thought it was too cute to ignore. "Someday is why we never say never (hehe). It's the reason we never give up, the reason we never give in. It's a place in our hearts that can't be broken, where our dreams always come true and the moment we'll NEVER LET GO."

This fragrance will retail for $55/3.4oz or $45/1.7oz and is going to be available in a "Touchable Body Lotion" and "Swept Away Hair Mist".

Also, if you happen to pick up the July issue of Cosmopolitan, do not miss Jennifer Weiner's Summer Read on pg 206. Jennifer's one of America's best selling women's fiction authors for a reason. Last month was the incredibly talented Jane Green and next month, the third in my Chick-Lit Trifecta, Meg Cabot. It's nice to see Red Hot Reads that aren't about a damsel in distress for once, keep it up Cosmo!


  1. I was JUST going to say it looks like Lola by Marc Jacobs! I want THAT perfume SOOOO bad.

  2. I have Daisy from Marc Jacobs and I love it. Eventually I have a review for another Marc Jacobs fragrance coming up.