Friday, June 17, 2011

Face-Off Friday: Rachel Bilson

Would you believe me if I said I've never seen an episode of the OC? Not ever. I've always been more of a CW girl but that didn't stop me from having a girl crush on Rachel Bilson. I think she's adorable and I just love that her and Hayden are back together. What a cute couple. As always it's time to get down to the nitty gritty, put on your bitchy cap on and help me decide on Face-off Friday!

Ms. Rachel is gorgeous with her big brown eyes and beautiful brown hair. Seriously, it's hard to even think of another starlet who hasn't even toyed with a different color. Sure she's added an auburn tinge to her hair but nothing that you'd even notice if you didn't know. Rachel's always been a brunette and possibly one of the originators of the ombre style (you know where the lighter hair is concentrated to ends only)! For the past few weeks we've been focusing on hair for Face-off Friday, this week I wanted to switch it up and go for clothes and makeup, make it a little exciting. Here we go....

First up we have Rachel in a gorgeous tribal print mini and some sexy as hell Brian Atwood Booties (photo courtesy of Just Jared). I love the look of this dress on her petite frame, the pops of pink add a little wow. Secondly, I love the accentuated eye makeup. Rachel likes to play up her eyes but they're usually just rimmed in black liner, this is a seriously smoked out look. So pretty. I also love her hair in the updo with pieces falling out, it's casual and cute.

Then, we have Rachel in a fabulous pair of leather shorts and a blousy top, hair down and wavy (in a picture also from Just Jared, can you tell where I get my "news"?)! I'm loving her poppy colored lip here with her requisite black liner, it's pretty hard to find a picture without the liner, even in screen captures from the OC Summer's sporting it. I like the curly hair, I think it's a fun look though I do prefer her everyday straight hairstyle a little better.

What do you say? Can you pick just one? Neither are really in the normal Rachel Bilson realm, she's really glammed up in both pictures. If I simply had to choose I'd go with the dress just because of the fun factor! What about you?

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